Echunga Preschool is a small, school based Preschool set in the Adelaide Hills. The preschool enjoys a lovely park setting with numerous deciduous and non-deciduous trees, easy access bush walking trails including a creek, resident chickens, worm farm and butterfly garden.

The preschool program includes learning Spanish which is used throughout the day. The preschool children enjoy visiting and borrowing from the School library, attend regular assemblies often sharing work including speaking on the microphone, experience events with the school such as excursions, performances, buddy class visiting.

We offer a comprehensive play based program using the National Curriculum Framework, The Early Years Learning Framework, “Being, Belonging, Becoming”.

The 5 Learning Outcomes are designed to integrate and develop the complex learning dispositions, skills, and knowledge of preschool aged children.


Preschool Parent Handbook 2019

Welcome to the Echunga Fiesta Playgroup


Principal:Hazel Robertson
Preschool Teacher:Julie Griggs (Certified Supervisor)
SSO:Yasmin Hopgood
PCW:Rebecca Hughes


At Echunga Preschool, positive relationships underpin all that we do.

We believe that by developing close connections with children and families, by embracing their diversity of experiences and by fostering belonging, we create a culture of active and engaged learning.

Children are active and engaged learners when they feel secure to discover, explore, take risks, experiment, create, improvise and imagine. They respectfully interact with each other, they problem solve, they persist, they ask questions and they have fun. We believe that children are best supported in their learning when immersed in play opportunities and a variety of other authentic learning experiences in different settings.

We value the wealth of contributions and involvement from families and the wider school community. In working together we aim to create a rich, respectful and nurturing learning environment.



Healthy Food & Supply Nutrition Policy

Parent Complaint Policy

Sun Protection

Quality Improvement Plan 2019


Monday: 9.00am - 3.00pm (6 hours)
Tuesday: 9.00am - 3.00pm (6 hours)
Wednesday: 9.00am - 3.00pm (6 hours over the fortnight)