Welcome back to the school year!

Whilst it’s not the start that anyone would have planned, the staggered entry to school will assist our children, staff, and school community to begin 2022 in a safer way. Thank you for your understanding and patience around this. I understand that this is an unsettling, and perhaps challenging, time for many of you. Please know that I am available for a chat anytime. Our teachers and support staff have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to ensure a smooth start for all children and I would like to thank them for their efforts.

A few general updates: 

We have had lots of positive feedback regarding our new logo. Our website will be updated shortly too which we will share with you once completed.

Our new logo meant that we had to get new hats designed and printed. Due to a slight delay with COVID, these hats should be with us in the next couple of weeks. Hats with the old logo can continue to be worn and new students can wear any sun safe hat for the time being. 


Preschool class (Fairy Wren) with Julie Griggs and 20 children

Reception class (Kookaburra) with Kayla Richardson and 23 children

Year 1 class (Rosella) with Cara Oosterbaan, Carmen Dunbar and 18 children

Year 2 class (Kingfisher) with Teena Wilks and 17 children

Year 3/4 class (Ibis) with Scott Francis, Kate Wood and 27 children

Year 5/6 class (Lorikeet) with Lachie Turci and 23 children

Specialist teachers: Carmen Dunbar (Spanish), Kimberley Higgins (Science), Georgie Patti (Arts).

Support staff: Bronnie Harnett and Skye Kinghan (school), Yasmin Hopgood and Teresa Graef (preschool)

Our kitchen / art room and preschool outdoor area have been receiving an overhaul using a government building maintenance grant which we received last year. During the holidays lots of this restructuring work has taken place, some of which is still ongoing. We will look forward to sharing images of the completed work with you in our first newsletter.

Our Governing Council AGM will be held online on Tuesday 15th February at 6pm. This is open for all members of the school community and information on how to attend will follow in the next week. Please consider joining our amazing Governing Council – there are many ways you can get involved and it’s a great way to increase your understanding around what is going on at school and preschool.

COVID Protocols

More information regarding the staged return to school and Department for Education COVID protocols can be found here:https://www.education.sa.gov.au/parents-and-families/covid-19- coronavirus/start-term-1-2022.

General COVID Information: 

• Please use Seesaw or email to keep in touch with your child’s teacher. Home – school communication is always important but it will be especially important for the first few weeks.

• Kookaburra and Rosella class will return on Wednesday, 2nd February. 

• Preschool will commence face to face from Monday 7th February. 

• Years 2-6 will take part in home learning activities. This will involve a video check in each morning, followed by online learning tasks. More information will come directly from teachers.

• Please keep your child at home if they are sick, even mildly. This is a direction from the Department under the guidance of SA Health.

• Digital technology assistance can be provided for those families with children in Years 2-6. Please let the front office know.

• OSHC will continue as usual for before and after school care. Please get in touch with Jodie directly for bookings.

• Lunch orders from the General Store will be temporarily suspended until all students are back at school.

• Assemblies and playgroup will also be temporarily postponed.

• Masks will be worn by all adults and staff members, except when it impedes on teaching. Masks are strongly recommended for students in Years 3-6.

Adults On School Grounds 

We have been instructed to minimise adults coming onto school grounds for at least the first two weeks. We ask all families to comply with the following requirements.

Front Office: 

The front office will remain closed to families for the duration of the first two weeks. If you need to contact the front office, please do so via email (dl.0123.info@schools.sa.edu.au) or phone (8388 8306).

Student drop off / pick-ups:

Reception students 

can be accompanied by parents/caregivers to their classroom each day for drop off and pick up.

students and parents/caregivers will be greeted by their teacher outside the classroom – parents/caregivers are unable to enter classrooms.

•                     parents/caregivers are to always wear masks and social distance.

Year 1 students 

•                     can be accompanied by one adult to their classroom for the first three days only (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) for drop off and pick up.

•                     students and adults will be greeted by their teacher outside the classroom on the court.

•                     parents/caregivers are to always wear masks and social distance.

•                     parents/caregivers are unable to enter classrooms.

•                     from Monday 7 February, students will need to enter the school grounds by themselves. This is an opportunity for children to develop independence and to be self-responsible. 

•                     please discuss this process with your child. A member of staff is on duty on the court from 8.30am and will be greeting students as they arrive.

Years 2 – 6 students that must attend school

•                    are required to enter and exit the school grounds by themselves.

•                     parents and caregivers are not permitted to enter school grounds.

•                     please discuss this process with your child. A member of staff is on duty on the court from 8.30am and will be greeting students as they arrive.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or queries. We are here to support you in any way we can.