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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Echunga Primary School

Our school has a proud history and, I believe, is a hidden gem in the picturesque Adelaide Hills area. Our setting is stunning and our community environment nurtures learning and positive attitudes.

Echunga Primary School is progressively offering areas of study aligned to the new Australian Curriculum. - English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies, Health and Physical Education and Languages (Spanish). It is a school focusing on high educational achievement and excellence for all children.

We also believe in the benefits of Positive Education (Pos Ed) which espouses: PERMA – Positive Emotions, Engagement, positive Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments. We work towards students flourishing in their lives by promoting positive emotions, by setting up opportunities for them to become engaged, by developing positive relationships between all stakeholders, by instilling meaning in their lives and giving students opportunities to achieve. Most staff have had extensive training in this area and we are currently developing the theme of “Cultivating Community” which is about connecting the school community with the wider Echunga community (and at times beyond). This approach is developing meaning in the lives of our students and also engaging them in other aspects of PERMA.

Our onsite pre-school provides an excellent Early Years environment and a comprehensive transition to school programme. Because the students are on site, many opportunities present themselves for active participation with the rest of the school.

Echunga offers our families strong opportunities to become involved in the school. One example is the way parents/carers, teachers and students are working together to cultivate community through the reestablishment of our garden.

Echunga Primary School also provides additional services such as a morning, afternoon and Vacation Care OSHC service. This OSHC was recently rated as exceeding the National Quality Standards.

We are proud of what we have and what we are developing here at Echunga Primary School and know that by working together we can achieve any goals we set.

Please arrange a time to speak to me if you would like any additional information or come for a tour.


Our Vision:

Together we will strive for academic, social, emotional and personal achievement, working within a positive culture that promotes the pursuit of excellence and the understanding of others.